As the completion of this graduate program draws near, I am in awe of how much I have learned and achieved in the past two years when I made the decision that becoming a teacher was the profession that I wanted pursue. In both my Curriculum and Instruction classes and my practicum experience, I feel that I have had a well-rounded introduction to the teaching field, and feel both prepared and excited to help change student lives.

I feel that I am now a content expert with a strong foundational background in all subjects that I prepare to teach. My elementary, high school, undergraduate, and graduate experiences have given me a holistic, well-rounded pool of knowledge, and I feel confident that my education will augment my teaching skills. I have strong commitment to intellectual pursuits, and hope to transfer my own knowledge to students in an engaging, creative, and memorable way.
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One way I hope to motivate students is to engage them in their learning by bringing nature into the classroom.

As a reflective practitioner, I believe that my strength lies in my creativity and experimentation with lesson plans and hands on activities. I not only want students to learn information, but I want them to be able to apply it to their own lives and make the knowledge that they have gained relatable and useful to their every day life. I also believe that having knowledge of the theories of educational philosophers is important and can help shape one’s own teaching philosophy. I think a good motto is also “Never plan alone.” Teachers should always look to their colleagues for ideas and collaborate with one another.

I believe that I have learned so much about collaboration this year. To be an effective collaborator, it is important to be flexible, understanding, patient, and honest. I believe that I have learned so much this year about collaborating with a team, with administrators, special education teachers, parents, and most of all students. I hope to become part of a team that values collaboration and thrives on working together efficiently. I think that especially if I were in an inclusion classroom, one of my primary priorities would be to always effectively collaborate with the special education teacher.

Finally, I believe that I am not only a teacher, but an educational leader. I hope that I can be a support system to my students both in and outside of the classroom. As a leader, I hope that I can be a model of positive thinking, work ethic, creativity, motivational strategies, and intellectual curiosity. I hope that students will not only remember me as their “teacher” but as a person of integrity, passion, and charisma who cares about them and hopes that they live to their full potential.

The most rewarding part of this experience is the innate feeling that this profession is where I am supposed to be. I have already seen the impact that I have made on students, and feel the impact that they have had on me. It is moving to see the power of change that I have in the world, and I hope that I can do everything that I can to affect each of my students in a positive way.

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I hope that students remember to laugh and have fun in my classroom!